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Tom Strubinger was raised in the Mid-West and has lived in South Florida since 1995. He got his first exposure to computer maintenance and programming in 1988, and has been the friend and neighbor everyone relied for computer help, ever since. In 2001 after 911 tragedy, he went back to school and started doing IT Support professionally. In 2004 SoFla Networking was incorporated as a LLC and has been thriving ever since. SoFla Networking now offers Complete IT Solutions including Web Design, SEO, and Social Media Marketing.

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Start button coming back with Windows “Blue” Update

"Windows 8 sucks" a complaint that I hear frequently from my clients. Okay, so it is not a complaint as much as it is a statement. The fact of the matter is that Microsoft changed the OS so much that people are lost in it. Microsoft started Windows 8 as an Operating System for tablets and phones to compete with Android and iOS. If they would have stopped there I think they would have been very successful. On a phone an don a tablets windows 8 is very cool. On the convertible laptops Windows 8 is okay also, but it has no place on a desktop or non touch screen laptop. In a year or so I think every one will be speaking of Windows 8 the way they speak about Vista. So Microsoft has heard the...

CNET review of the Samsung Galaxy S4

I really try to stay on top of all technology these days, and one of the best place to find information on the subject is CNET.com so you will find that I post their articles, especially when I am in agreement with them, or I find them interesting. People are always asking me what the next phone they should get, should be. I am a Google guy, and Android fan, but I try to stay partial to the situation at hand. Most of the time I actually recommend the iPhone. Mostly for its ease of use, and because a large majority of my customers are technologically challenged... (Customers if you are reading this, and I recommended the iPhone, its because I felt it fit you better, not because I thought you were challenged.... (: )

CNET review of the...

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