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buy the cheapest airline tickets in Private Browsing

Always Clear your browser's cookies before booking flights online or simple use your browser's incognito mode. Many airlines and travel web sites (such as Expedia, Kayak, etc.) track how many times you've visited their websites. In so doing, they provide different offers and deals depending on the user.
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To make sure you're getting the best prices when you book air travel online, be sure to clear your web browser's cookies and cache. This will make it appear as if it's your first time visiting these sites, and you're likely to see much better prices for your next flight!
Also, they realize Mac users are suckers, so they steer them to higher priced options
Orbitz has found that Apple users spend as much as 30% more a night...

Can you reinstall Office 2013 on your new PC?

Can you reinstall Office 2013 on your new PC? Don't expect a simple answer from Microsoft. In the push to shift customers to the Office 365 subscription model, Microsoft has rejigged the licensing conditions on retail copies of Office 2013 such as Office Home & Student 2013. People tend not to read this sort of fine print, but this bit is kind of important. AA screenshot of Microsoft Office 365.ccording to the fine print, retail copies of Office Home & Student 2013 are now single-license, so you can only install them on one computer. Some people interpret this as meaning that the retail license is now similar to the OEM license, which covers copies of Office that come pre-installed on a new computer. Under an OEM license you can only run Office on that specific computer. If...