Clean Out Your Computer Day – 2nd Monday in February

In 1956, the hard drive in IBM’s RAMAC 305 computer system was as big as two refrigerators and had the capacity to hold a whopping 5 Mega-Bytes (MB) of data.

Today, some cameras will take pictures that are larger than 5MB, and new computers come with up to 5 Tera-Bytes (TB) (5,242,880 MB) of drive space.

The second Monday of February is Clean Out Your Computer Day. The Institute for Business Technology started the holiday sometime around the year 2000, and while its not as necessary to delete things to free up space, it is still a good idea to be organized. So if your windows desktop is cluttered, your inbox has emails that date back to the year MySpace was popular, or your computer is sluggish, take time to organize or delete computer files, photos, MP3s and documents.

Take the idea literally and physically clean out your computer. Get a can of compressed air, take the side off the case, and blow every bit of dust out the fans, and vent holes. If you have a laptop, blow out the vent holes, and keyboard.

Get Organized on Clean out Your Computer Day

A study published by the Wall Street Journal cited that executives wastes 6 weeks each year looking for lost items and information. It isn’t a stretch to believe that a good portion of this time is spent looking for mislabeled or misfiled computer documents.

  1. Create a Filing and Naming convention for your email, and you computer files. I suggest naming the files yearmonthdaysubject as they will remain in order numerical and chronological order.
  2. Clear out your inbox, set an amount and stick to it. Create file folders in your inbox to archive specific emails you want to refer to at a later time. Perhaps one for Vendors, and one for customers, and then company names beneath.
  3. To clean out old programs on your computer go to your Start button –> Control panel –> ‘Programs and features’ or ‘Add or Remove Programs’. This will populate a list of the programs on your computer. Remove any program that are labeled toolbar, or anything you don’t use any more.
  4. Run Disk De-Fragmenter. On Windows XP machines run it twice, or until the Red blocks are minimal.
  5. BACK-UP your computer. You can do this by burning important documents to a CD\DVD, Flash Drive, or External Hard Drive. Online service such as provide solutions that protect you against natural disasters, and fire.

You never know when your computer will crash and this will literally save you thousands (of hours and dollars!!). Schedule the time to back-up!

I hope this article helps motivate you to get organized, and Computer Clean Out Day motivates you to do just that. Feel free to leave comments or questions below.


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