Itunes resource hog | AppleMobileDeviceService.exe high cpu utilization

After the recent iTunes update (10.5) a client called because their computer seemed extremely slow.

When I arrived on site, I noticed

AppleMobileDeviceService.exe was using 50% of the CPU and iTunes the other 50%

I’m surprised he was able to get anything done with it open.

A bit of Googling suggested it’s a common problem and previously a reinstall of iTunes 10.5 was the suggested fix –I uninstalled, and reinstalled version 10.5. to no avail. I also uninstalled and installed an earlier version I had saved on the computer, also to no avail. I went as far as to uninstall, delete all internal itunes folders, and still the same problem.

An hour and half later I found this –

netsh winsock reset

from a command prompt (as Administrator) followed by a reboot.

I have used this command in the past to fix internet connection issues, the funny thing is, only iTunes was having a problem, internet worked fine when iTunes was closed.

Apparently iTunes relies on something in the Windows TCP/IP stack, and it can get corrupted. The command will reset the Winsock Catalog to its default state – i.e. one that works properly.

It certainly fixed my iTunes this problem, hopefully Apple and Microsoft can learn to play nicer in the future, or maybe just another reason for windows users to buy a DROID….

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