Keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts help us save a lot of time, it may seem as if it only a few seconds here, and a few seconds there, but at the end of the year all those seconds could add up to a full days worth of work. Maybe not so exciting if some else is cutting your check, but if you are self employed you know the value of your time.

Most people know copy, cut, paste and print, but if not get used to those first.

Windows Shortcut Hotkey description
Ctrl+C Copy Selected Area
Ctrl+V Paste Selected Area
Ctrl+P Print

Ok got those? Here are a few more of my favorite shortcuts that will help you use the computer like a pro.

Windows Shortcut Hotkey description
Ctrl+Enter Adds http://www. and .com around your address bar phrase
Ctrl+R (or F5) Refreshes page
Esc Stop loading the page
Alt+Left arrow Navigate Back
Alt+Right arrow Navigate Forward
Ctrl+F Find on page
Ctrl+G(or F3) Finds next match from search (add Shift in combo for previous)
Ctrl+T Open new tab
Ctrl+W Close current browser tab
Ctrl+Shift+T Re-open previously closed tab
F11 Toggles full screen mode (great for presentations)
Ctrl+Tab Toggle between tabs (left with Ctrl+Shift Tab)

There are an incredible amount of keyboard shortcuts out there, a quick google list will give you a more extensive list when you are ready.

Share your own cool keyboard shortcuts in the comments

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