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In an effort to provide a FREE Social Media & Internet Marketing for small business, we started blogging daily about those business who were willing to take us up on the offer. The offer is open to anyone who provides a service to a customer, however we retain to refuse anyone we see fit. (We are not currently accepting gaming, or adult pornographic sites.)  Every day we blog about a company, and then the article is tweeted, +ed on Google, and shared & liked on Facebook.

FREE Internet Marketing

This blog article will feature your business, and the owner\manager of the business.  We have dedicated a blog category, and a place on our home page the most recent three businesses. We want to help you succeed, and one of the major ways to do that is by getting the word out. This free internet marketing will provide three or more valuable free back links to your website. By sharing the link on your blog or website it creates a circular effect that can greatly improve your website page rank.


Social Media Marketing is any marketing that has to do with a website that allows you communicate with others. As stated above we take your article, and share on our Facebook page, Tweet it on Twitter, Plus it on Google+. Although few are contributing, I am trying to encourage everyone to like, retweet, and plus not only their article, but the others as well. If everyone did it, we could have quite a viral effect.

Why should I do this?

By having an article posted about your business,  the free backlinks you gain will help Google rank your website higher.  This blog currently ranks #1 on Google for “free blog article about your business” and “daily featured business” More than a few of my postings are on the front page of Google for the business’s name. No matter what anyone tells you, backlinks will not hurt you, and when coming from well ranking site like this one, they help tremendously.  I get paid to rank people, take advantage of my offer for free link to your site and free business listing

Where can I find my free business listing?

We will email you (we will not spam you or sell your email address) when your blog article is posted, but the home page of this website will always list the 3 most recent featured businesses. We will also be sharing them on this Facebook page to give you another free link to your site.

What do I need to do to get Free Marketing?

All you need to do is fill out the form below, and we will do the rest. We will attempt to promote one or two business a day, both here and on a Facebook page for small business. Please be aware that punctuation counts, and we will not be editing your articles for punctuation.

We also recommend that you write your free business article and author paragraph on a separate program such as word or notepad.
The system may time out if you take longer than 30 minutes to fill out the form.

To achieve maximum bonus from this article posting tweet it, plus it, share it on your Facebook account, and can post it on your website. (We will be glad to help you create the link on your website once the article is posted.) This is an important step as Google is very fond of circular linking.

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