Unable to install driver for DM510 | Low Level Driver not found

When I got to my customers the other day they were getting a “low level driver not found error, when trying to use Xerox One Touch software with a Documate 510.

The scanner was not functioning, so I proceeded down the normal route of uninstalling and re-installing the software, however when I tried to install the driver from Xerox for the serial number ending in -000, I would get corrupt installation package failure.

This sent me on a search for another download location, to no avail… I tried the Spanish version of the same driver and it installed properly, however my client does not speak spanish, so not a real solution.

Still convinced the package downloading from xerox was corrupt, (I even tried downloading it onto a different machine.) I stumbled across Xerox tools section from another thread talking about another issue with these scanners, and wouldn’t you know it there is a driver software removal kit there.

Unable to install, installation package is corrupt

So while I was focussed on the files I downloaded being corrupt, I wasn’t thinking that the installation files that were left on the computer were corrupt. The One Touch Removal Kit removes any existing mention of One Touch or the scanner driver from your computer. It scan file directories and the registry, and removes every mention.

Once this is accomplished you can actually install the proper version.

You can find all their the software on this page  http://www.xeroxscanners.com/en/us/support/ToolsAndUtilities.asp?OS=XP

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