West Palm Beach Computer Repair

west palm beach computer repairComputers have become more and more useful in businesses of every conceivable shape, size and industry. There’s a growing need for professional support for when problems occur with such computers. The IT support industry itself has become a booming industry of its own.

SoFla Networking is one such company and has committed to being a leader in assisting individual home users, small businesses and companies with their IT support needs. SoFla Networking offers repairs, wireless networking, server troubleshooting, spyware removal, virus malware as well as many other computer-related services. The only technicians we employ are ones that are certified by Microsoft and they constantly update their knowledge on the latest problems, solutions and operating systems so they can fix even the newest of problems with most applications.

Free IT Audit – Maintenance Contracts

free it auditIf your company has a minimum of five computers, you can take advantage of our great offer which is only available for a limited time. This offer is a FREE IT Audit. Does your current support team let you down more often than actually providing proper assistance? We provide maintenance contracts which will let us find problems even before you know they actually exist. We offer a remote access service which means we can access your computers from our offices. This enables us to offer a much faster turnaround time for some repairs and we don’t have any onsite fees.

This process is the opposite of the traditional break-fix, we only make money if your network runs smoothly and you are happy.

Break-Fix Computer Repair

computer repair west palm beachTraditionally if your computer breaks you call someone to come fix it… This is what we originally established our company on, and we still offer these services.

(no, we don’t fix them like that…) –>

Lots of different businesses need to have high quality repair people from a legitimate, knowledgeable source. All businesses that utilize computers as part of the daily running of their company must have an honest company with a solid reputation for solving problems and keeping visits to your office to a minimum. This means your operations should continue to run without constant server crashes and other issues.

Each time your computers crash, you can potentially lose countless thousands of dollars worth of business. As a highly successful West Palm Beach Gardens Computer Repair shop, we can usually help you quite quickly, depending on the nature of the problem. The majority of businesses have an onsite network that lets many users share the internet connection and business files. If you use SoFla Networking as your main IT services company, we can minimize any down time you may experience and if need be, we can get to your office quickly to fix problems that can’t be done remotely.

Home Computer Repair

SoFla Networking also helps individual computer owners at home if they have problems. We offer a reliable, speedy repair service, wireless network installations, Cable/DSL internet installations and even sales of new computers. We guarantee that if we can’t fix your problem, you won’t be charged. Our focus is on becoming the number one West Palm Beach Gardens Computer Repair service so we hope to hear form you so we can fix your problems too.

Virus Removal

west palm beach virus removalWe have become the West Palm Beach Virus Removal Kings, having removed an average of 3 viruses a week for the since 2004, we know what to look for and how to get rid of them. Actually today’s viruses are not really viruses at all, they are Malware.

Malware is defined as Software that is intended to damage or disable computers and computer systems

Since 2004 we have seen a shift from traditional viruses that spread randomly like the flu, to malware that have a specific purpose, primarily get you to pay money. Many of the malware programs will ask you to pay anywhere between $50 – $250 to remove the problem, when the program itself is the problem. We have also seen an uprising of ransomware, like the “FBI Virus” that demand you to pay $200 in order to get your files back. Some have even gone as far as to threaten sending the FBI files on your behalf that are illegal, if their ransom is not paid.

Flat Rate $100

We charge a flat rate of $100 to remove an infection from your computer in Northern Palm Beach County. We will come to south county to do work, but there will be an additional travel charge. In the past 5 years we have only had to reformat one computer in order to remove the infection on it. That particular computer was a server, and because of the hard drive configuration we could not get in to remove the virus.

Virus Removal for Websites

In the past year, we have gotten several calls from people looking for virus removal on their website. Their site had been compromised, and they needed help. The easiest thing to do remove a virus on your website is to remove the files and restore from a backup. You do have a backup don’t you? If you don’t its not that big of deal, we can help you remove the virus from your website as well.

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