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Our experts can assist your business by turning your website into a magnet for leads. We use an organic method of SEO through the use of Pay-Per-Click, Adwords or other forms of advertising to make your website work hard for you.

Organic local SEO is a method that needs a lot of accurate research and then it must be properly carried out. This is why the strategy you use is so critical. We can assist you with this. The way we tackle SEO is unique. We design and build websites that can easily be read by machines such as the search engines without sacrificing usability and design functionality. We concentrate on the local elements of your business.

Lots of companies will only focus on Google, Yahoo and Bing, while ignoring the human element. We strive to maintain the best possible designs and user functions while still making the job easy for those search engines to be able to evaluate and index your site properly. This ensures that it will rank well but will also get your message across to people when they visit your site.

free keyword analysisLocal Keyword Analysis

To attract natural organic traffic, it’s essential that you use the best possible keywords. We offer a FREE Keyword Analysis and Ranking Report for anyone is interested in finding out more.

Each website is very different and so each site needs to have different keywords targeted. Our team of professionals use the most advanced methods of research and tools to get you absolutely the best traffic phrases to match your website.

When you enlist our assistance, you’ll quickly notice your site soaring above your competitors’ sites in the searches that you really want to rank for. We know you want to be found when people look for you. We know you deserve to be on the first page of Google.

Internet Marketing West Palm Beach

Are there really lots of people looking for local businesses out there?

YES! Of course there are. You found our site simply by looking and we want others to be able to do the same for you. Even if you searched under internet marketing, you will find us. Here are some of the searches done on 4/4/2012 in Palm Beach County.

These are Google’s average monthly search figures.

 Attorney Palm Beach – 18,100

Palm Beach Lawyer –   12,100

Doctor Palm Beach –      9,900

Air Conditioning Palm Beach – 3600

Plumbing Palm Beach – 2,900

Landscaping Palm Beach – 1,900

Electrician Palm Beach – 1,000

Call today to get your FREE Keyword analysis and see how many people are actually looking for your business.

Local Keyword Placement

Once we know the best keywords and phrases which will represent your business precisely in searches, the next stage is to place them. When we place keywords, we put them into your website content but they’re invisible to the human eye. We concentrate on these parts of your site:

  • Page Title
  • Meta-Description
  • URL Path
  • Page Headers
  • Paragraph Content
  • One time Tweaking
  • A tune-up for your website!

Websites are often designed and built without even considering SEO. It’s not always a negative thing as many strategies for SEO can be done later. Our upgrades include:

  • Creating sitemaps for search engines including Google, Yahoo and Bing.
  • Adjusting headers to include keyword content.
  • Tagging images with local keywords for non-human visitors.
  • Improving linking within the website.
  • Identifying pages to exclude from search results.
  • Link Building.

The creation of a network of industry affiliates

Backlinks are links placed on other websites that link back to yours. This is a vital part of ensuring your site will rank well. We know the difference between negative and positive linking and will only set up the positive links for you.

Call us now for assistance and more business for your company.

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