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In an effort to provide a FREE Social Media & Internet Marketing for small business, we started blogging daily about those business who were willing to take us up on the offer. The offer is open to anyone who provides a service to a customer, however we retain to refuse anyone we see fit. (We are not currently accepting gaming, or adult pornographic sites.)  Every day we blog about a company, and then the article is tweeted, +ed on Google, and shared & liked on Facebook.

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This blog article will feature your business, and the owner\manager of the business.  We have dedicated a blog category, and a place on our...

Google’s 1 Button is comparable to a “Facebook’s Like” for your interent searches

Google is taking its 1 feature beyond search engine results and launching a 1 button that publishers can include on their own websites.
The button, which debuted in March 2010 in Google search, will contend with the likes of the already ubiquitous sharing buttons offered by Facebook and Twitter (and more recently Tumblr and LinkedIn) for web page real estate. The 1 button began appearing June 2010 on a number of select publishers, including http://SoFlaNetworking.com, although the code is now freely available to anyone. As with most other sharing buttons, establishing the 1 button on your website is straightforward. Google has created a simple tool that lets you choose from a number of sizes and styles, and then provides the appropriate JavaScript code that you may cut and paste into your site. Google’s hoping that 1’s integration in search...