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While I make no bones about the fact I am not fan of Apple, I have became a fan of the iPad, I still think it is the best tablet out there available. Sure Android is making strides, and Google purist will tell you how great they are, but IMO the bottom line is until someone figure out how to create an android tablet that is light weight and less expensive there is not reason to buy android. Apple continues to improve the iPad and from what I have seen iOS7 is more steps in the right direction. Below are a couple videos to get you caught up on what is coming soon to an iPad near you.

iOS 7: What it needs, and what it won’t be getting (video)

We examine the features that Apple’s next software refresh desperately needs, and the ones that Apple is unlikely to bother with.


The next major update of Apple’s iOS software is almost upon us! But which features does Apple’s grid-based operating system desperately need to add, and which ones will Tim Cook and pals probably ignore completely?

That’s what we’re asking in this video, so hit play on the clip above as we rattle through the apps and tweaks that we want to see in iOS 7, as well as the things we probably won’t. A fresh, “flat” redesign? How about some kind of “kids” mode’ to stop pesky kids spending your cash on virtual in-game currency?

Furthermore, we’d love the power to change iOS’ default apps, so you never need to open Apple Maps again — but is that really likely to happen, or is it just wishful thinking on behalf of cartographically confounded smartphone owners everywhere? How about a proper file system? Plausible? Or will Apple refuse to give up the control it has over how you store and access your stuff?

Watch the video above, and make sure you let me know which features you think iOS needs — and which ones it doesn’t — in the comments below. Afterward, if you’re still thirsting for even more Apple news, be sure to point your peepers at Brian Tong’s Apple Byte below.

 iOS 7 is going flat

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