US Deptartment of Homeland Security : People are nosy

You might have all of the fire walls and Internet security software on the planet, but sometimes there’s just no creating human curiosity and stupidity.

Bloomberg reviews the fact that US Department of Homeland lately went an experiment on government employees to determine how easy it had been for cyber-terrorist to get into personal computers, without resorting to direct network access.

Computer disks and USB stays were dropped in parking plenty of government structures and companies, and 60% of people who selected them up blocked the products into office computer systems. And whenSo when the drive or Compact disc had the official logo design upon it, 90% were installed.

The entire set of the Homeland Security study is because of be released later in 2010.

You could possibly recall the Stuxnet Microsoft Home windows earthworm this past yeara year ago, which specific industrial software and equipment. Essentially, computer systems without any exterior network connections were have contracted the earthworm through that which was considered to happen to be contaminated hardware, for example USB drives.

We’ve written a great deal about this security recently, a lot of that was connected with the LulzSec cyber-terrorist. Although systems which are pretty robust and ‘secure’ continue to be prone to hacks from individuals hellbent on leading to havoc, it appears the natural curiosity and negligence of humans continues to be at the bottom of numerous problems.

Virtually everything points towards the much-used ‘user error’ acronym, Have a picnic: condition in chair, not in computer.

Mark Rasch, director of network security and privacy talking to for Falls Chapel, Virginia-based Computer Sciences Corp., told Bloomberg:

“There’s no device recognized to mankind which will prevent people from being idiots.”

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